Posters are printed on a Photo Quality, glossy paper stock. They can be used to print enlarged photos, signs, artwork and a variety of other creative presentations. They are delicate and not scuff resistant or waterproof.

Blockout Posters are an economical paper option featuring thickness and durability on 12pt C2S paper. Its semi-gloss surface and the block-out center layer will keep the light out, ensuring 100% opacity. They are ideally used to print indoor signs, banners, and P.O.P. 


Posters Full Color Single Sided on Gloss Photopaper

16"x20"@$14 each

18"x24"@$15 each

24"x36"@$26 each

48"x36"@$54 each

 Blockout Posters Full Color Single Sided on 12pt C2S Paper

16"x20"@$10 each

18"x24"@$12 each

24"x36"@$18 each

48"x36"@$33 each